Simplifies Resource Location

Active Directory simplifies resource location by allowing files and print resources to be published on the network. Publishing an object allows users to securely access network resources by searching the Active Directory database for the desired resource. This search can be based on the resource’s name, description, or location. For example, a shared folder can [...]

Simplifies Resource Location2021-06-21T15:12:13+08:00

Provides a Single Point of Access to Resources

Active Directory provides a single point of management for network resources. Active Directory uses a single sign-on to allow access to network resources located on any server within the domain. The user is identified and authenticated by Active Directory once. After this process is complete, the user signs on once to access the network resources [...]

Provides a Single Point of Access to Resources2021-06-21T15:11:49+08:00

Centralizes Resource and Security Administration

This is the main benefits of Active Directory. Active Directory provides a single point from which administrators can manage and secure network resources and their associated security objects. An organization can administer Active Directory based on an organizational model, a business model, or the types of functions being administered. For example, an organization could choose [...]

Centralizes Resource and Security Administration2021-06-21T15:11:16+08:00
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