Payment structure

As an MSP and Break-Fix have different approaches, their payment structures are also dissimilar. If you want to have the services provided by an MSP, you need to sign a contract with the MSP. This gives you a general idea of your monthly expenses. You have more flexibility in using capital. On the contrary, Break-Fix [...]

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Compared to Break-Fix, an MSP has more control over customers’ IT equipment and systems. Once you choose an MSP, you will give the MSP a large authority. As a result, the MSP can monitor your IT infrastructure 24/7/365 instead of checking your equipment and systems when required. This will ensure that your IT devices and [...]



The most obvious difference is their approach. An MSP adopts a proactive approach. To prevent any possible problems, an MSP takes preventive actions. It keeps an eye on your IT equipment and systems. If there are any potential problems, an MSP will receive the alerts immediately. Hence, you will not encounter any trouble. In contrast, [...]

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