Proactive Monitoring

We provide ongoing monitoring of network, server and software and hardware performance to identify potential issues and to keep your network and systems safe all the time. If anything abnormal is detected, a notification will be sent to our professional engineers automatically who could resolve the problem as quickly as possible in order [...]

Proactive Monitoring2020-10-05T17:39:40+08:00

Onsite Support

If you do not have budget or space for an in-house IT support team, our onsite support Service is your choice. We offer all sizes of business a complete and comprehensive outsourced support solutions. YOUR EXPERT ICT TEAM From installation of new devices, moving, repairing and replacement of faulty hardware, and configuring software, [...]

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Remote Support

Have you been bothered by a minor problem in your computer that stops you from working in office? Our remote IT support could keep an eye on your IT infrastructure by our professional technicians that could quickly and remotely access your devices to resolve your problems without visiting your office. We offer cost-effective [...]

Remote Support2020-10-04T23:12:50+08:00

Ad Hoc & Emergency Support

We understand unexpected IT issues. If you need occasional IT support engineer or an emergency that requires urgent remote support or a rapid onsite visit, our fast-responding team is here to help. OUR AD-HOC SERVICE INCLUDES: Comprehensive remote IT support All-inclusive emergency onsite IT support Wide-ranging phone advice for IT Disaster In-lab Data Recovery [...]

Ad Hoc & Emergency Support2021-06-21T11:51:51+08:00

IT Outsourcing in Hong Kong

UFM Solution is an IT company providing IT services and technical support for clients ranging from small start-ups and SMBs to established enterprises. In the demanding and fast-paced business environment, the main concern is to maintain operational costs to a minimum level. We rely on the computer to collaboration, big data analytics and strategize. [...]

IT Outsourcing in Hong Kong2020-10-04T22:57:31+08:00
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